Classic Film: "The Blue Angel" (Online Viewing & Discussion)

By Gotham Social Happenings (other events)

Saturday, November 13 2021 7:00 PM 10:00 PM EST

The Blue Angel (1930) was the first German feature-length, full-sound motion picture and is well-known among film historians for its highly effective use of the new audio technology. Emil Jannings (winner of the first Oscar for Best Actor a couple of years before) and Marlene Dietrich (in her breakout role) star in a tragic tale about the psychological destruction of a respected professor who falls in love with a "femme fatale". We will be watching the German-language version, with English subtitles.

Note: The movie was also shot in English at the same time, but the critical consensus is that the acting was weaker because of the difficulty some cast members had performing in a foreign language.