An Afternoon of Selected Short Films #2

By Gotham Social Happenings (other events)

Sunday, October 24 2021 2:00 PM 4:30 PM EDT

Stuck at home during the pandemic lockdown, I watched a huge number of short films online. Most ranged from mediocre to truly awful. However, there were some good ones, and even the occasional "gem". At this event we will view and discuss 4-6 of my favorites, including: 

- a Black director's serious comedy (not sure how else to categorize it) about the fear of police violence against minorities

- an upsetting work about two boys playing outside, oblivious to the dangerousness of their surroundings

- an inspiring tale of a homeless teen's encounter with a man who has multiple disabilities

- and more!

DISCLAIMER: Although most of the titles we will see have won major awards, including Oscar nominations, some are uplifting while others deal with controversial topics or have bleak storylines that you may find extremely depressing. Viewer discretion is advised.